Meet the Team

Automotive Lead Source’s Team is comprised of many professionals focused on providing you exceptional value in the most convenient manner. Our system was designed by “car guys” for car guys. And being car guys, we also included the most comprehensive monitoring and tracking system too.

The team leader for Automotive Lead Source is Joseph Conroy. Automotive Lead Source founded by Joseph Conroy focuses on the dealerships in the New England area where Joe grew up.

From 2003 to 2006 Joe worked in the automotive industry in the Internet Sales Department for Toyota, Ford, and Lexus. Joe’s background is the optimization of systems and processes with the use of Neural Network systems. Previously to working in the Automotive Industry Joe was hired by the New Power Grid to Optimize the load forecasting system for this grid which provides all the power for New England.

Since 2008 Joe has been providing SEO and other online marketing solutions for small businesses. One specific area of expertise for Joe is video SEO. Joe’s was contacted last summer by a division of YouTube based on a video Joe produced which ranked for exceptionally difficult keywords with about 8,000,000,000(Billion) search results. Joe knowing the auto industry, and knowing the trend and value of video, jumped on the opportunity to become a partner with Automotive Syndication. If you would like to learn more, please click here.


Syd Michael is a 20+ year car veteran, has held every position in the car industry from sales rep all the way up to General Manager.

MOVE YOUR INVENTORY – I now sit on the other side of the desk and help auto dealers maximize their Online Presence. Are you suffering from anemic sales, or need a hot campaign to save your month? Our services will improve your bottom line!

Got an Internet Manager? No Problem. We work together with your IM bringing many services in that he doesn’t do or have time to do.