Our Leads

We get asked all the time; “Are you just a reseller of somebody else’s leads / data?”

We understand why we get this question; many dealerships have been burned badly in the past and they want to know if what we are proposing is actually different. I can tell you that we produce our own leads. You will never see another lead in your system that  is from the same person for the same automobile / service.

Here is an overview of what we do and why we do it….

We generate the leads using media buying methodologies and ultra behavioral, very granular targeting when serving ad creative that, ultimately, we send our consumers through to generate the lead generation forms, adding another layer of ‘intentionality‘ as we like to refer to it.

Most other ‘data’ guys out there are affiliates reselling trash.   It’s really unfortunate.   None of their stuff is clean, hygiene or targeted let alone any performance that is sub-par as a complement.   These folks just resell resell resell and what is left is saturated data full of non-responsive (and angry) consumers. (This is why there is so much skepticism out there.)

We’re actually a fully-fledged agency and do everything from AOR (Agency of Record) for several brands to generate leads for our many tiers of clientele.   For ALL Automotive lead generation clients/recipients, we also make sure that:
+ All records are scrubbed against DNC (we update weekly; the federal law is longer than that!)
+ All records are verified as it pertains to number reach-ability/email account verification.  We stand 100% behind returns that come out with.
+ Many of our current clients have had the ‘affiliate experience’ as well, so what we do to show proof in the pudding quickly and cost-effectively is to issue these kinds of smaller test commits, also honoring our ‘wholesale’ pricing for the tests to further show in good-faith that our interests lay in the long-term fruit of our partnerships.
+ We are with the client as they scale and offer optimization consult wherever we can help impact the bottom-line positively for our clients.
+ We are nimble enough to help any client integrate in a way that makes most sense to each client’s unique approach to reaching out to these highly-reactive consumers.

We stay far away from Polk, carFax, corporate stuff and anything that is notoriously horribly saturated.   We are literally generating on-demand, per client, based upon their individual needs and target demographics.

If you are looking for more leads for your dealership, and want you want the highest quality (exclusive) at competitive prices, you have come to the right place. Go ahead and fill out the form, or give us a call at 617-903-0864.