Paid Adverstising Experts

We typically provide a 17 –> 35% savings / improvement in Google AdWords alone..Joseph Conroy, a Google AdWords expert with over 8 years of experience, will provide to you an option to optimize your Google AdWords account (Please note this service is not included in the introductory Automotive Syndication NE program).

In addition Joe can review, analyze, and build text ads, mobile ads, and image ads. He also an expert with the AdWords Display network. Many of his customers have seen dramatic drops in cost (> 40%), after Joe optimizes their Display ad system.

By joining with ASNE, you will also have access to our expertise with Facebook advertising. Here we have proprietary technology which can extract highly targeted contact info of Facebook users (all legal and above board). This data can be imported into the Facebook “Power Manager” ad management system and save you up to 60% on the standard advertising price.

And we also provide 3rd party advertising platform services too like SiteScout. This is very similar to AdWords Display Network, but targets websites that do not participate in the Google network. Some of the websites that are available here are New York Times, CNN,, etc.

And finally, all of the advertising can be employed with “ad retargeting”. Here, after the prospect sees and clicks on your ad, the ad will “follow them” around as they visit other websites. This way your brand and and Call-To-Action get multiple views from one click.