Video Production & Syndication

We develop professional videos with voice over and then syndicate them up to 11 sites!..Each website is like a “Billboard” with your ad on it, on a very busy road. Five of the websites we are going to post your video on, are all in the top 10 most visited websites in the United States.

Your video for each of your vehicles is of very high quality. The video is typically 60 seconds long, and while the video plays and the narrator speaks, you see the features of the car being scrolled along the bottom of the video.

In addition each video has a clearly posted phone number that is unique to this specific car in the video. When someone calls, our tracking system will be able to record where the call came from. Our system also records the call too. This feature provides the dealership a way to review how the inbound calls are being handled by the sales team.

And, we are going to have our nationally recognized video SEO expert, Joseph Conroy, “Turbo Charge” all of your videos, so that they stand out right at the front and top of the search results.