Video & Website Optimization

We provide world class seo for your websites and videos..Joseph Conroy, a nationally recognized SEO expert, will optimize all of your YouTube videos with his video SEO system.

Joe’s has been developing his video SEO system for 3 years and at a cost of over $ 100,000. Last June he was approached by a division of YouTube, asking him how he achieved the video rankings he has, and how they can use it in their ranking algorithm (at lest this is what Joe suspects).

You can go online right now and see some of Joe’s video SEO work. One video he produced, ranks for 16+ keywords which have over 2 Billion search results. Click here on “Best Video SEO” and you will see Joe’s video ranking between #1 and #3, depending upon which browser you use.

If you want to see another video SEO ranking sample, just click on “Quick Google Ranking” and Joe is ranked #5. If you type in “Quick SEO Ranking”, you will see that this same video ranks for this keyword which has 119,000,000 search results.

All new Automotive Syndication New England customers who join before July 1, 2014, will get their videos processed and optimized by Joe Conroy’s $ 100,000 video SEO system at no charge!