Lead Generation

Automotive Lead Source is a national automotive online marketing company serving the marketing needs from small to large automobile dealerships. We are automotive marketing experts. We have spent years working / consulting in the car industry.

We have developed proprietary systems, processes and technologies in order to increase your dealership revenues for both your car sales and service department.

There are 5 systems which are modular and stackable which will provide you with 2x to 10x growth.

1-Business Automation Lead Generation System (Click Here To Learn More)
Our business automation uses our $ 2 million technology platform to (a) pull sales out of your database, (b) increase car sales and service work.. Our business automation system strategically sends (i) voice mails, (ii) emails and (iii) text messages.

This is the heart of our lead generation system. After 4 years of development and $ 2 million, we now have a comprehensive system which automates your automotive marketing and lead generation. You start by adding your current list of unsolds (“ups”) and then we add in the ongoing unsolds and be-backs from your sales processes you now have at your dealership.

In addition, we add all the unsolds from the four other services we provide listed below.

Each unsold is processed the same way. They get a series of (a) emails, (b) voicemails, and (c) text messages all delivered in the highest converting manner over a 30 – 60 day period.

And our Business Automation Lead Generation System (BALGS) works great for sold and service department customers too. Here, you can record the GM’s message thanking them for their patronage, and encouraging them with a small incentive (e.g. free oil change) for (a) posting a review on Google Plus or Yelp, etc., or providing a referral to the dealership.

Here is just one way our BALGS system can work for your dealership with a new car sale or service work. Your customer leaves the dealership. When they get home, there is a recorded voice mail from the GM thanking them for their business and asking them to check their email because the GM has a “gift” for them.

When the customer checks their email there is a “gift”in the form of a (a) free car wash, (b) oil change, or (c) discount on a service. In return, the GM asks that the customer go online (links provided) and post a review.

A couple of days later, the BALGS sees that the customer has not clicked on the review link yet, so it sends out another email, and voice mail, to customer asking / reminding them to post the review and get their gift. In a addition, the BALGS sends out a text message too with the same review link and request.

A week later, the link still has not been clicked that was sent to the customer. The BALGS sends out the request again to all three media; email, voice mail, and text message. At this point, you will get a 25% review posting rate.

This is just one example of many. We also use the BALGS for (a) Service Department Text Message Flash Sales, and (b) Social Media Contests.

2-Exclusive Hot Automotive Leads
We have about 10,000 websites around the United States capturing automotive leads for warranty, repair, sales. Each one of these leads are (a) TCPA compliant, (b) DNC’d phone numbers, and (c) verified emails. We can have these leads flooding your dealership typically within 72 hours.

With our system we are able to segment the leads by make, and send you only leads that are within 20 miles of your dealership. We are able to customize a lead package that is just right for your dealership. These leads cost as low as $ 8.00 each.

3-Social Powered Lead Generation System (SPLGS)
Is a WiFi technology we have developed which works very well to (a) capture prospect contact info, (b) generate leads, (c) referrals, (d) reviews and (e) social media sharing.

This system will turn your waiting rooms into a lead generating machine! Once the lead is captured, this system is able to offer the person a “hot deal” while they are right inside your dealership.

4-Video Reviews For Reputation / Authority
Using our video production and our business automation technology (BALGS), we get up to 25% of all your car sales and service department customers to go online and post a positive review for your dealership on one of the many review sites such a Google Plus, Yelp, Merchant Circle, etc. Here is a sample Video Review which gets ranked in Google, posted to your review sites, and shared on Social Media.

5-Video-Mobile Advertising
We have developed a multi-step process using video and social media to produce automotive leads for as little as $ 8.00 each. Facebook and YouTube have worked best for this application. Here, we use the Review Commercial we produced for you, or one of your own videos, and then present the video to be viewed by a highly targeted prospect in your dealership service area.

We are able to target by (a) geo-location, (b) make, (c) model, (d) age of vehicle, and many other demographics which increases the conversion rate dramatically.

For example, you have a used 2010 Audi on your lot that is now 95 days old. We can setup a video ad that targets everyone in your area that owns a European car that is 10+ years old and show them how easy it would be with your financing to upgrade. Or, with the same scenario, we could send out an ad telling all European car owners that we have a buyer for their and are willing to pay over book for it.

With our team and technology, we are able to target and produce results unheard of today.

Typically, dealerships who have a service department and sell 200+ cars / month, are experiencing 488 Leads / Month on average with 300% Lifetime Customer Value (L.C.V.) increase.