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SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER: You either love the results we produce for you or its free!


After speaking with dozens of dealerships across the  US, we keep hearing the following; “If your system is so good, why don’t you let me try it for free and if it works, I’ll use it at my dealership.” With a little more conversation with the GM, we learn that all GM’s have at one time or another  been promised the moon, and instead got a bag of tricks. Needless to say, this can happen only so many times before the owner finds a new GM.

So we at Automotive Lead Source decided to put our money where our mouth is…We  will “give” you the first set of leads on us,  and if you are not thrilled by the results, you do not have to pay. It’s that simple.

Here is how it works:

You simply fill out the form below or email us at poweredups@automotiveleadsource.com or call us at 617-903-0864 if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Your dealership has at least 100 new and used cars in inventory.
  2. You have at least 5,000 unsold “Ups”in your database.
  3. You can send us 1,000 unsold “Ups” in a Microsoft CSV file.
  4. Your dealership can handle 200 to 300 calls in a 2-3 hour period.
  5. You are able to handle 40 to 80 appointments at your dealership over a 3 to 5 day period.

Once we receive your inquiry (and / or your CSV file), we will give you a call to go over the program. Prior to the call we will send you 2 documents we will need completed prior to running our automotive lead generation systems and delivering leads to your dealership.

One document will include the scripts will be using to contact your “Unsolds” and the document is for TCPA and DNC compliance. Part of the call will be to decide  which day and 2-3 hour time range you want the leads to start flooding into your dealership.

What you can expect:

Of the 6 dealerships who have participated in the program so far this is what we achieved for results based on 1,000 Unsold records:

  1. 175 to 300 phone calls
  2. 28 to 80 appointments
  3. 6 to 20 car sales

Currently we are batting 1,000 with all the participating dealerships. Each one has paid for the first batch of leads, and has signed up and paid for the next batch of 1,000 Unsolds to be processed. And, each dealership is expanding our “Powered Ups” program to all of their stores. We realize that  until you experience this yourself, you will be hesitant to believe this is going to work for you. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and ask for NO MONEY upfront from you.

This is just the beginning:

“Powered Ups” is just one of four lead generation programs we have developed for the automotive industry. These 4 lead generation programs are  part of our “Self Funding Lead Generation” master program car dealerships. Our goal for you is to provide you with a high enough return so that you can use some of the profits from the “Powered Ups” program to fund next program in the Self Funding Lead Generation Program called “Hot Live Leads”.

We have over 10,000 websites on the internet which can be dynamically programmed remotely enmasse to custom tailor them to your geo-location and your type of dealership (e.g. Ford). We then send paid traffic to each  one of these pages capturing “Hot Live Leads“.

With the Hot Live Leads program, we also use our Small Business Marketing Automation System (SBMAS) to contact these leads within seconds of them completing the opt-in form on the websites. Our SBMAS sends them a (a) text, (b) voicemail, and email, letting them know that your dealership has received the inquiry (exclusive) and that a designated specialist will be contacting them shortly.

Part of the SBMAS is to implement a multi-step marketing sequence using the 3 communication channels in order to make contact with them 8 – 12 times over a 4 week  period. The messaging used here has been carefully crafted and tested to produce really good response and appointment setting rates. Our SBMAS is like having a team of BDC specialist working for you around the clock. Every activity is recorded, and all responses (email, text, voicemail) are routed to the appropriate personnel at your dealership.

Let’s not forget the Service Department!

We all know that the  Service Department is the cash cow of the dealership. Here we have developed our “Social Powered Lead Generation System” (SPLGS). The SPLGS is combination of hardware and software technology. Here we install Wifi router in your service department area. Then we put up a number of signs encouraging folks to log onto the WiFi in order to get a benefit such as 20% an oil change. Your service department customers log onto the WiFi with one click choosing one of their social media accounts such as Facebook.

The SPLGS then goes to work in real time offering any service specials, or other deals that are going on at the dealership. When the person leaves, they receive emails and text messages we ahve setup to get them back into the dealership for service or a new car. There are other programs with the SPLGS that encourage sharing on Facebook, and getting more folks to come to your dealership. Typically a dealership with 300 cars on the lot, and a full-fledged service department gets about 100 leads each day from the SPLGS. This is truly an amazing technology we developed.

Facebook, Video & Mobile Lead Generation:

We are also video and mobile production and marketing experts on Facebook. Here we produce videos (or use yours) and then advertise on your dealership’s  behalf on Facebook. We have developed a proprietary method for targeting people in the market for a car or service on Facebook. Using videos and our targeting processes, we are able to get fresh, leads for you for as little as $ 11 each. Here is a sample video link.



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