About Us

Automotive Lead Source is a company comprised of lead generation and automobile industry experts with industry leading proven results. Our customers typically experience an ROI of 1,100% working with us. Automotive Lead Source is a technology developer and online marketing company.

Automotive Lead Source founded by Joseph Conroy. From 2003 to 2006 Joe worked in the automotive industry in the Internet Sales Department for Toyota, Ford, and Lexus. Joe’s background is the optimization of systems and processes with the use of Neural Network systems. Previously to working in the Automotive Industry Joe was hired by the New Power Grid to Optimize the load forecasting system for this grid which provides all the power for New England.

His work here was the impetus to the founding of another company of his called EnvaPower. EnvaPower built on the work of the New England Power Grid, and produced a megawatt pricing forecast for all the market participants.

After EnvaPower was on its footing financially, Joe left it and worked in the automotive industry, studying its processes. While working in this industry, the internet sales for the Ford dealership he was working at increased from 6% to about 11% of the total dealership volume. At the time (2003 to 2006) the industry benchmark was about 3%.

Upon the sale of his EnvaPower company to a larger conglomerate in late 2007, Joe now re-applied his optimization skills to the internet. Here, conducted and completed a number of experiments, trying to reverse engineer what Google was doing to rank websites and videos.

In addition to this SEO work, Joe was also analyzing the paid advertising market, specifically Google AdWords. Here he wanted to see where the inflection occurred between the free “organic” traffic and the paid traffic. Was there a rank position for a specific keyword where the organic placement was more valuable than the paid placement position.

The result was somewhat complicated, but the data showed that with proper SEO (e.g. good page position), it is more cost effective to generate sales and leads with organic search than it is with paid search.

With this result, in December 2010, Joe embarked on building an SEO system for ranking webpages and videos. After about 3 years, the technology and process is now matured to a state where all the Google updates (e.g. Panda, Penquin, Hummingbird etc) now longer affect the ranks results.

As Joe completed his case studies on his work, and began to make videos of the results, customers and larger ad agencies who serviced large customers took notice. In April of 2011, Joe was retained by the “Loomis Group” which was an international ad agency with offices in the US, France and the UK. To this day, Joe is still retained by this company.

During May through June of 2013, Joe released a few case studies (videos) showing and explaining the work he had completed with video SEO. This work ranked for highly competitive national keywords. The ranking of these “case study” videos got the attention of a division in YouTube.

YouTube contacted Joe in May of 2013 asking him first; “how did you do it?” and second; “Would you like to come work for us?” After some back and forth, Joe declined on the offer and decided to stay in Maine instead of moving to San Francisco where he would be 3,000 miles from his children.