How it Works

After contacting Automotive Lead Source, one of our specialist will get in touch with you and find out which of our 5 automotive lead generation programs is best for your specific dealership.

Most of the time, dealerships start with these 2 programs (below) first and then scale up to other programs once they see results for themselves. We will build a program for you, which typically is a small scale test in order to show you how effective our lead generation is for your dealership. As part of our communication with you, you will know exactly what the ongoing cost of the service will be after the test period has completed. Dealerships are typically experiencing an ROI over 1,100%. We cannot promise you will achieve these same results, due to this ROI is dependent upon your onsite sales team and follow up processes.

1-Business Automation Lead Generation
The business automation uses our $ 2 million technology platform to (a) pull sales out of your database, (b) increase car sales and service work.. Our business automation system strategically sends (i) voice mails, (ii) emails and (iii) text messages.

2-Exclusive Hot Leads Service
We have about 10,000 websites around the United States capturing automotive leads for warranty and repair work. Each one of these leads are (a) TCPA compliant, (b) DNC’d phone numbers, and (c) verified emails. These leads cost as low as $ 8.00 each.